Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to Biz (Because I like replacing s's with z's)

Calvin is 3 weeks old and my reinforcements are officially back in New Jersey and the other back to work- biz as usual.
And while it seems to take 40 minutes to get my children in and out of the car by myself, our first outing as mother hen and ducklings (can we say, "Follow me children! This way! Hold hands!") went swimmingly. And thanks to the kind ladies of the 3rd ward RS I have another week free of cooking. You know, besides doing something like making cookies, of course- for the milk supply.

But I am looking brightly forward to the challenge of mothering 3, and I am loving having a baby in my arms or strapped to my body when out and about in the world. There's something about being armed with a's enough to make a new mother proud.
How did I get here so fast?


Kera said...

so precious. i'm wondering the same thing as we are planning our third. i never really envisioned myself having kids (is that bad) and now all i want is more babies. looks like you've got it figured out though!

Megan said...

i loooooooooove your blog Sun!! i check it often and its just as cute and clever as you! :) xoxo

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