Thursday, April 08, 2010

On The Top of My To-Do List:

Update the bloggy blog.
(with note-worthy stuff like birthdays, Easter, and before and afters)

My little broski has been visiting for the past week or so and I have been making him work on every nesting project I can conjure up. We have been quite busy. Nesting is serious business in case you weren't aware.
Most of the projects have involved fabric and paint and beautification (he has been having sooo much fun).
Basement stairs were painted late into the evening, and the front door and shutter are on the agenda for today. Pictures to come...
Let's hear it for younger-handy- brothers, they are the best. Woohoo.

Plus, as an extra added bonus- my mom showed up unexpectedly on my doorstep on Tuesday.
An awesome surprise.
We'll tackle the inside and he'll tackle the outside.
We've got big plans for the backyard this spring: fence, playhouse, tramp, etc.
Instead of nursing sessions in front of the t.v., these Vaisey children will head outdoors to let off some steam. Baby sleeping under a shady tree, me, working in the garden, the two of them, getting covered head to toe in the findings under the pine tree. Sounds good to me.
Totally worth the twice daily baths they are going to need.

Now, the wait. The wait for this baby to arrive. Everything's washed and ready. Prepped and folded. Birth supplies bought, fresh newborn cloth diapers ready to wrap around newborn buns. You get the picture.
This month of April will be full of wonderful images.
They are coming soon to a whoopsyvaisey near you, so hang tight wonderful people.

For now, here's an image of Simon.
He is funny and extremely likable.


abby said...

simon is a doll. all your talk of nesting has me really excited for you!

Amanda said...

Nesting/projects are great aren't they? Especially when you have help to do all the dirty work. Hopefully your bro got some work done before it rained today. And btw, I want to see the kiddos completed bedroom to see how the pillows look. And did you ever find or want buttons for the others?

Nisha said...

I can't wait - for all of it!!

Rebekah V. said...

I can't get over how big simon is. i also can't believe how soon you will have geedoo in outeruterosphere (I think that word is german). I also can't wait to see all the before/after picts.

kelly said...

i cant believe it either. full term now. yikes the last two months went too fast.

LKC said...

Lurker here. But I know Rebekah from North Carolina. Does that make my stalking okay? Random question: what font are you using to write on your pictures? I love it. --Lindsey

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