Friday, February 12, 2010

Making the Cut

Welcome to boyhood, Pal
I'll try not to eat you for lunch today.


Angie R said...

How cute!!! the time flies! He is really looking like a big boy instead of a baby.

Amanda said...

He really does look grown up! Maybe it's the man-shirt that he's wearing. I love that he still has length though.

Nisha said...

So I assume you cut his hair yourself? Where did you learn how? I guess now that I have a boy, I'll need to learn how sooner or later.

communikate. said...

What a cutie!

What an awesome blog.

You're hilarious!

kelly said...

nisha- i actually took him to the girl that cuts jeff's hair at aveda. the first haircut if free, so it's time i learn to cut little boy's hair.

he DOES look so grown up in this last one. I think that's why I stalled the cut in the first place. but alas, another baby coming soon, so the sadness doesn't last long.

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