Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Sometimes Low Budget Is Just The Thrill You're Looking For

On Saturday Jeff and I decided, immediately following the sunbeam's first primary activity day, we would head straight to the aquarium in Niagara.

So that's just what we did.

Some wrong turns, an ipod wedged under my headrest for the geedes entertainment, and roughly 1 hr and 45 mins later we arrived and then we laughed.

Neither of us had been there before, and their website looked pretty reputable. But when we got out of the car and headed for the main doors we knew we were in for a low budge-small-townie-sort-of-treat.

I think Esq. described it perfectly when he said:
"If Sea World and a bowling alley had a baby, and that baby flunked out of community college and developed a meth habit, this would be it."

Luckily our zoo passes have one month till expiration- so those puppies got us in for free.
The firecracker of a lady at the front counter greeted us and we were on our way towards the aquatic, musty, wood panel-filled exhibits.

But you know something, oddly enough, children don't care about wood paneling or musty smells.

So we embraced and smiled and had a marvelous time.

We were even lucky enough to catch a riveting performance of Julie, the local star sea lion. After I was done having a heart attack over visions of Simon falling into her tank it was a lovely little show complete with splashes, clapping, and sea lion barks.

Then, to make the journey seem more legit, we hit up the gift shop and spent a small fortune on under the sea retail. Just some little somethings to add to Lena's already ridiculously vast collection of stuffed beings(each special and loved very passionately in their own way).

Before hitting the dusty trail home, we stopped and had a brief peek at the falls. My favorite part was the bride in the (too) tight strapless number followed by her entire bridal posse marching down the path for wedding day picties.


and so was our Saturday adventure in Niagara.


k1 said...

it IS the kind of thrill I am looking for. Sounds like our kind of place, we might have to make the trek out there someday.

kelly said...

do it. when it's warm.

Carolyn said...

If I had to pick a favorite part of this post, it would definitely be the picture where your husband has some sort of George Costanza sized wallet or something in the front of his jean pockets.

It always makes me laugh when i see this, cause i think of when Hulk Hogan was the host of the new American Gladiators, and he would be all serious and pumped on camera, but then he just looked so ridiculous wearing tight leather pants with his wallet and car key shapes so clearly jammed in his front pockets.....SUCH low budget TV...you've gotta love it :)

ooh, and i also love your leg warmers.

kelly said...

It is SO funny you said that because the millisecond I posted that picture of him, I had the exact same thought. I figged it'd be lost on everyone, but I liked that it was there, for me to laugh at. I'm so glad you discovered it and could find the enjoyment. What a dufus.

I also always watched that show when it was on. It was so bad, but something lured me in and I could never look away.

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