Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If You Care To Join Us...

we'll be doing all sorts of celebratory stunts this evening.
For this time tomorrow we will be aboard a non-stop flight to cousins, sun and warmth (please let there be sun and warmth, please let there be sun and warmth).

I will miss my own Whitmer family for Christmas once again this year. Don't worry guys, you will have each other and a new baby will bring you all to my house in 2010, right?

I will make sure to wash the moonbeam smell (aka bare leen buns) out of the guest bedspread before you come. So much to look forward to.


Beach Hendersons said...

How is it that your house is always looking so good? Just a few little things scattered here and there, but definitely good. Mine looks like I need to be on the show "Hoarders".

Amanda said...

I don't remember all those cute throw pillows you have. And Lena, is hysterical as usual. You guys are sure to have an amazing time in FL. Catch some rays for me since it is snowy and chilly in Virginia. Boo (to the snow and chilly, not being with the in-laws).

kelly said...

maybe i have a habit of taking the camera out only when the house is picked up. or maybe that i have incredibly clean and helpful kids. guess which one.

oh and amanda- i saw your bolster pillows and want you to help me make some. i want to replace the cushions on the ends of the couch with bolsters. lets make it happen in 2010. (you prob aren't even reading this)

k1 said...

Lena cracks me up.

And those of us stuck in frigid Rochester aren't jealous at all of your sunny southern vacation.

Not at all.

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