Saturday, October 24, 2009

To The Dentist They Went

Schmeboo in the dentist chair.

In Virginia.

With dentist friend, Burke.

I was snappin' mad pics like a stage-mom.

We all towered over her chair, even Burke's lovely wife, Lauren (aka cutest pregnant lady ever).

Lena is given a clean bill of health(y teeth that is).
Just in time for Halloween.

Sime was up next,

and lasted for a mere 10 seconds

Then they got prizes and ate candy for the rest of the weekend.


Yours Truly said...

laughing laughing...stage mom...sigh...that's just plain funny.

Beach Hendersons said...

I love all your fall pics. I'm loving your trips. Especially your SVU homecoming trip. I truly missed seeing the trees,leaves and weather this year.

Dr.Soffe...what an awesome dentist. I'm loving his practice. It's so snazzy. All the equip. is so modern.
Lukas would have loved it.

I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful time.

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