Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pumpkins Are Good In Every Form

Sorry, mom I know I said we'd make and decorate the annual Halloween sugar cookies once you got here this weekend (you're still coming, right?) but we just couldn't wait any longer. It might have something to do with your grandchildren's mother's sweet tooth more than anything. They didn't even make it to the neighbor's house. I took plenty of pictures for your viewing pleasure, but I know it's not the same, so another batch couldn't hurt.

And so, it's officially fall in Rochester, like
officially officially. The brisk wind is blowing the yellow, orange and red leaves everywhere out there and my grass waits for one last mow.

I love living in an old neighborhood for that very reason, the wind-blown leaves. It just feels so much more cozy. Something about it begs for cider. Plus we get a TON and I mean a TON of leaves piled up in our front yard that lay awaiting happy children to jump into the sea of them, falling over with laughter. That mess is totally worth it. Last year, in fact I slapped baby Simon in the pack-n-play, drug it outside with Lena at my heels and used a borrowed leaf blower to rid our yard of the last of fall's debris just in time for the first snow flake, but I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet, because there is lots of fall left to love. For example, an annual gathering of old chums in Southern Virginia for SVU Homecoming. Wouldn't miss it. And it happens to be next week. And seriously, Virginia can't be beat this time of year. It's like eye candy for the fall season. It's true, have you been there?

P.S. Pictures from this post and onward has been/will be brought to you by this beaut. We picked it up this past Saturday. I am giddy about it, and I have taken a picture of just about everything in my home and If you come over, I'll take your picture, too. Probably more than once.

P.P.S. I realize this post is all over the place, but I'm regaining my blogger footing from being out of it for a bit, and apparently I have a lot to say.

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Amanda said...

Of course you get your camera AFTER I need to borrow the charger. Geesh! Isn't the DSLR the greatest thing known to mankind? I need to take a class so I know how to use it better.

Oh, and I agree. Fall in Virginia is simply amazing. That's because they don't get hit hard for winter.

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