Monday, September 28, 2009

The Point Is

I awoke this morning to dark grey skies and a light rain drizzle. It is heavenly. It's as if it gives justification(I seem to be looking for justification often, have you noticed?) to my doing nothing but hanging out on the floor with the children all day. Why do grey skies do that to me? They give the green light to all things done indoors. Sometimes I confess, all I want to do is be indoors, locked quietly away from errands and social contact.
Jeff cleaned the kitchen with the children yesterday while I slept. That too was a nice treat to wake up to. A happy Monday for me. The happy morning let my train of thought chug forward full steam.
Our near future holds hay rides and pumpkin patches, sweaters and warm apple cider. Today that makes me happy and I feel ready for it. Ready for my house to be clean enough, and ready to embrace a new season with children that are a little bit older each day. After realizing just the the other day that the baby is almost 2(2!), I had a mini panic attack. And then I decided these are the hardest (not to mention fastest) days of my life.
But, hardest blurs the line between happiest. And that, people, is the whole point.


Amanda said...

Mmmmm... I love Fall. Maybe we'll actually venture out and do a hay ride this year.

And if Simon is almost 2, that means Ethan is in close pursuit! Don't scare me like that!

The Ohio Leavitt's said...

Kelly, have you heard of Scentsy? I started selling it and am looking for people to have parties. I know it is still slowly making it's way east, but it really is a great product. Anyways, if you or someone you know has a party for me, I'll give you some free product in addition to what you get as a host. Anyways, let me know. Honestly, no pressure, I just thought I would ask. It's perfect for fall and children. It's on my blog, or my website is:

Let me know. Thanks!

Jen Richards said...

I love this post because I could not agree more. I sometimes wake up to dark skies and think- I don't have to do anything but stay indoors and either organize (which I actually like to do sometimes) or bake something yummy. It is a great excuse not to be productive :) I do get sick of the rain/gray/clouds quickly, but I do really enjoy it once in a while. p.s.- we should go on a walk outside one of the 'sunny' days this week. The weather is should be nice :)

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