Friday, September 04, 2009

Never Make a Companion Equal to a Brother.

This morning, I lay in bed a little longer than usual. For the life of me, I couldn't get up. Just too tired. Jeff was long gone, with a super early start, off to work, and the children came marching in one at a time.
I lay there with my eyes half open listening to them talk and play and terrorize my room. I heard Lena as she left the room briefly and came back having fetched Simon his beloved Lighten McQueen match box. That was an unexpected gesture of kindness. Then, curious to see what else would play out, I continued to lay and listen to them as they dug all the sheets out of the linen closet to make forts and dog beds-playing pretend, I suppose only siblings who are in constant interaction, can.
It fills my heart with so much joy to have the two of them reaching ages(finally) where they enjoy each other. Where they help each other following through with one disastrous task after another. They are in cahoots. They are brother and sister- teamed up to conquer.Then Simon walked over to my bedside and gave me a big one right on the mouth. Followed by another. Now, that, is worth waking up to.
So, I did.
We came downstairs, ate oatmeal with fresh peaches and honey and proceeded to plan just what we'll do with another beautiful mid seventies day. The possibilities are endless. Summer lives on after all. And I plan on enjoying it with two of my favorite beings.


Beach Hendersons said...

This just brought a "I can't even explain in words" feeling to my heart.

Thank you.

Anna said...

So sweet. They are cuties.

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