Wednesday, August 05, 2009


All day pool extravaganza numero dos in a row and I'm beat to a pulp.

A mildly sunburned, red eyed, zero-energy, head-ached pulp. 

And the accidental nap on my bed beside what I thought was my exhausted 3 year old didn't help matters. I awoke (strangely) to the smell of...cheese? Yes. Cheese. As I made my descent down the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen there awaiting me was a full floor mural of Parmesan. I went ahead and left that task to their father's homecoming. Not tonight. I can't do it.

The children are finally in bed even though all I can hear is Lena yelling "Stop laughing at me" and the evil sounds of Simon's giggles. Those two. 

So, for now I have a hot date with some pizza, the couch, a little So You Think You Can Dance and this guy:

Because sometimes, that's just the cure for a doozie of a day. I know, I know, a doozie? The pool? A nap? But somehow, it was people, somehow. 

1 comment:

The Fawson Family said...

I feel your pain! But, I have come to realize that there is not one foe a little think you can dance can't fix.

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