Monday, August 17, 2009

Like A Moth to The Flame

We keep going back for more.

We set our Saturday button to repeat and this is how we spent the day.

Then we crashed our friends Kyle and Katie Karren's (yep-those are their real names, awesome right?) birthday pool-party bash. Which, of course took place at Chez Vaisey Poolside Manor.

Lena can even almost swim all by herself. A llll m o s t.

Our goal? That our children grow gills before summer's end.

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Braden and Julie Reynolds said...


Your blog is cute. It seems our girls should get together. Or maybe they shouldn't. It would not be disappointing in the entertainment department, that's for sure. Your littles are adorable. Is it okay if we become blogging buddies? Hope all is well, it looks like it is!


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