Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A 10 for Patience and Love

Today I am overwhelming glad to mother this child.

I had a phone conversation (one of several weekly) with my dearest most favorite-one and only sister-in law, Bekah, where we discussed the personalities of each of our children. By the end, I think Lena came out on top at a glorious 9.5 for technical difficulty.
After we hung up, I couldn't help but think about my role as a mother and how I can better serve Lena as she learns to navigate through the tough years of the preschool -age woes. Bless her feisty little heart.
It's not that she is rotten to the core, or that she makes life a ball of misery. She just has a lot of unbridled energy and spirit that often times presents itself as a constant challenge.
she keeps me on my toes.

She makes the biggest messes known to man.

She beats up Simon like it's her day-job (because it is)

...but she also, without fail, lights up my heart like Christmas morning in a way I'm not sure any other child possibly could or ever will.

So for today, and one day at a time from here on out, I will take on -head on, mind you- the daunting task of patience and love.
Patience for the little girl that knows how to take me right to the edge.
Love for the little girl that made me a mother.

Here's to less time spent cleaning, less time hurrying about, and more time molding and shaping that precious gift given specifically to me. I can already feel our time slipping away.


Amy said...

Got to love spiritedness. (is that a word?) We have it at our house and we love the journey, even with its bumps.

Vanessa said...

I feel the same way with my 3 year old! We like to call him "active"! I love the post about her spitting in your water.... classic!! I'm sure that will bring you laughter for years to come!!

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