Thursday, July 30, 2009

There Was A Time When: Revised W/ Jeff Commentary in Red

he took "musty" pics:
(mustache was grown strictly for competition a.k.a. "mustache off")

wore beauties like this:
(when in Rome, or small rodeo-centric southern town)

had hair like this:
(can't blame a guy for enjoying it while it's still there)

took pictures like these:
(all in the name of roommate solidarity...and Wal-Mart had a studio special)

aaand a bonus pic for the revision:

And while these days he conservatively hides behind his Esquire title, the Jeff you see displayed here is still very much alive and part of our everyday lives. 

These pictures could be bad for business. Don't be at all surprised if they are permanently removed for safe tucking come tomorrow. 

Reputation after all, reputation.

Thanks for playing along, Jeff. There's no i in team, I need not remind you.
(anything for you, wife)
ok, that last one was all me.


Shannon said...

Oh man is he gonna kill you!! Too funny! Kinda reminds me of how you were....oh wait still are!!

Beach Hendersons said...

My fave is the hair pic, but not for the hair, but the fact that he is truly enjoying a good ol' ice pop.

Corinne said...

You two seriously crack me up!

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