Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Summery Saturday Evening Wedding

A dear old high school friend of Jeff's got hitched this past Saturday evening, and we had the pleasure of being in attendance.

Call me crazy, but I love weddings. I love getting dressed up all nice and fancy with Jeff. I love being amongst happy friends and family and fresh beautiful flowers. I love witnessing the sweet beginning of a new marriage-two people so newly in love. It makes me feel so romantic. Oh and the mother of the bride- always a treat!

Sure, there's bad dancing (which I actually quite enjoy), and yes sometimes there are lame drunkenness effects of the open bar (for the weddings of the non lds kind), but once you get past all that you get to eat your weight in hors d'oeuvre and devour a piece or two of wedding cake. And who doesn't love cake?

Attending weddings always reminds me of my own marriage to my love. I find myself thinking back to the wintery December day on which we became husband and wife. Plus it makes for lovely photos (which happen to be mostly comprised of me and Jeff).

all photos courtesy of Jeff's new iphone

1 comment:

Beach Hendersons said...

I very much share you love for weddings. Looks like you and Jeff had a great time. Awesome pics too.

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