Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well I'm Off

to Utah that is. More specifically, Provo. My very dearest sister-in-law Rebekah's sweet father passed away this past week after a long battle with cancer. Babajuje and I are headed in together tomorrow for a fast and furious weekend.
So, if you happen to see Jeff with two children in tow this weekend, and he looks flustered/tired/out of patience, this is why.

Lucky for me, the children allowed one last special motherly task before I left:
At least they thought to get a couple of bowls.

I will miss the two of them, entire bag of sugary chocolate cereal on the couch & floor and all, dag gum it.

Until Monday I bid thee adieu.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Give a hearty wave to Nick & Rachelle (my parents) in Orem while you're out there. Have fun sans kiddos.

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