Friday, May 29, 2009

Love Story Meets Viva La Vida

I came across this video this morning. It made the children smile. It just about made me cry. It is a fantastic way to start the day. and to end the day. and to keep going throughout the day.

This, my friends, is beautiful music at its best.

Lena loves Love Story. She even knows the words.
(read the story from ksl here).

I'm really glad for people like Jon Scmidt and Steve Nelson and the beautiful music they make.

Time to buy a piano.

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Beach Hendersons said...

Beautiful. I am def. adding this to the kids' playlist.
The kids love that song too. Manny has a crush on Carrie Underwood and her "I told you so" song. He seriously loves it, lays his head back and just watches her on the video.

Kids and music....can it get better?

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