Friday, April 03, 2009

Quarter Century Celebration Recap

My Birthday celebration actually began on Sunday, during our weekly Sunday dinner at Granny and Gramps' with the whole gang. There I dined on one of my favorites- chicken and dumplings made by my dear mother-in-law, followed by a happy birthday serenade and the ceremonial blowing-out-the-candles.

{*I can't tell you what I wished for, but it was a good one*}

Beautiful and delicious gigantic cake made from a local bakery in the village of Fairport (which we ate for days) what more could I ask for?

But, there was more. I got this sweet card in the mail among many others. This one had that special homemade touch I love so much.(thanks Stone, you cutie pants, you) ...and this culinary perfection. It was dropped off by my friend, Zion, who has mad baking skillz to say the least. I'm not sure of its technical name, but I call it "heavenly mint chocolate goodness". It almost didn't get shared.and I received this lovely electric blue vintage pin/pendant with matching earrings from my ever so thoughtful husb. He did good this year. He shall be handsomely rewarded.

LOVE the detail...
and just like that, my birthday was over.
I was sad to see the sun set on such a marvelous day.


Hoesli's said...

Stone was very excited to see you put his card on the fridge!! He was happy to see it in a picture too. I love the necklace Jeff got you. Did he pick it out all by himself or did he have a little help? Very cute!! I wish we could've been there to share in that delish looking cake!

GrammaTina said...

I wish I could have been there too...dang

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