Wednesday, March 25, 2009

nyc and its splendor

We had a marvelously romantic time in the city. Yes we did. It took a couple of hours upon arriving at my moms late Thursday afternoon, to throw the children's bags at them, consolidate our attire, and paint faces with kisses, but before we knew it we were on a train in Dover headed towards the beginning of our two-day adventure. my palms were sweaty.

On the agenda of To Dos:

sleeping in (check.)
hand holding (check.)
the met (check.)
food food, and more food (check.)
a broadway show (check.)
are we forgetting anything?
oh, shopping! (check!) lovely.

wanting to see Wicked, we decided on more reasonably priced Chicago. can't go wrong. good small-theatre atmosphere, great music.

our heads eventually hit the pillows at the alex. this is where the sleeping in occurred.

grand central. can you spot me?

bundle pass of subway uses came in handy when walking became too fatiguing (it was unexpectedly chilly, too)

pinkberry= delish. me: pomegranate with mango, him: pomegranate with captain crunch, chocolate shavings and strawberries. heaven in 180 calories or less.

stuff your face full at pinkberry just off canal street, walk 15 steps and stuff your face again at rice to riches. mighty tasty rice pudding with a trendy flair indeed.

a little stop for a juicy steak sandy and feta infused salad, don't mind if we do.

some much needed gain in perspective

Oh the met. we could have spent all day there. maybe someday we will.

jeff reminiscent of the days as a young missionary in france hitting golf balls from this very spot

van gogh

we paused at this diddy because it made us miss our geedoos. the mother and child walking awaiting the homecoming of their working man. some things never change.

reflection of our twosome

I had a grand time taking jeff's picture beside a crowded cafe filled with people as he pretended to sit on this centuries old beaut.

beautiful pocket watches. know where i can get one?

overall we found the met to be entertaining, eye stimulating, and warm.

not pictured and certainly not forgotten is my mad dash to anthropologie where I picked up a couple of items to my wardrobe's pleasure. you're welcome wardrobe.

until next time new york city. we had fun walking your streets and taking in all your splendor. thanks for allowing us to steal a moment of your time. we will be sure to keep you at the top of our get-a-way list, you know, because everyone needs to get away every now and then...


Molly said...

Oh it looks too much fun! glad you guys had a good time!

Amanda said...

I'm very jealous. If only I had family to throw my child at so that I could enjoy NYC. Some day... I wish. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Deborah said...

What a great trip. You take fun pictures. Bea and I are headed there this weekend.

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