Monday, March 30, 2009

A Disaster a Day: 2nd Edition

You give 'em an inch, and they dump snack food all over your living room. {warning: picture is deceiving}

Here Lena can be seen modeling her and Simon's latest disaster of the day* and I have a feeling my future holds some doozies.

So beware if you're ever invited over for cheese and crackers, chances are those crackers have been on an amazing journey.

(may I also note Lena's outfit of her own choosing-rainbow striped tank top dress tucked into a pintuck floral skirt- against my protest. This is my life folks, and it's a sweet one)

*from my living room to yours by Triscuits


Carrie said...

Rosie would think Lena's outfit if truly a beauty...they must consult with the same designer.

Grammatina said...

Rosie, what a cute name! I don't know you Carrie, but I like your daughter's name and yours! :-)
Yes, Lena is independent like her momma. She wore an ensemble similar at my house when mommy and daddy were in NYC. :-)

Kelly's mom, Tina

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