Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Weekend Recap and Other Misc. Info

We were lucky enough to have Jeff home for a three day weekend.

We were unlucky enough to be sick for most of it.

I was down and out for the most part on Saturday, which was disappointing because Juje was going to sit on the babies so we could go out. Instead, Jeff spent the day lovingly serving his eternal spouse who was curled in fetal position on the couch and while keeping the green-snotted children entertained. We exchanged Valentines, some handmade and some funny while others displayed images of a certain mermaid Disney princess. Lena wolfed down hers and Simon's Valentines treat and got a tummy ache. Simon's voice box was stuck in whine mode for roughly 72 hours, and by Monday we were just plain pooped.

Some highlights included our decision to finally purchase this and I got a new one of these(recently my old blackberry ran away from home, if you find it, tell it kindly to come back). Technology sweetness at its best. Plus, on the way home from getting my new phone both children fell asleep and transitioned nicely into there beds upon our arrival home. Double sweetness. Which meant a couple of hours of relaxing before starting this shortened week. (triple sweetness)

I'm counting on making next weekend count. You can count on it, too. That's a lotta counts. Count.


henderson said...

Ooo, nice camera! Sorry you guys had "the sick" that was going around last week. Everyone in my house had the sick, too. No fun.

p.s. Lena's face in that first picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Why does Jeff look like he is in the ozone? He has always been good at sleeping sitting up.

grammatina said...

I was thinking the same thing about Jeff...he looks exhausted...Simon too...Then there's that Lena smile...hahaha

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