Friday, February 27, 2009

Lena and Simon both have fevers, and today has officially been declared a cartoon day. As I type, Lena lay in a lump on the couch, and Simon a lump on couch cushions on the floor. Pitiful Petes.
Cartoons, toast, and Motrin, we're off to an awesome start, and I had this for breakfast (the homemade chocolate cake I made yesterday for no good reason other than I have been obsessed with baking things and we really like treats) So don't come visit us unless you want to be:

a.) sick
b.) 1000 pounds.

Or sick and 1000 pounds. That would not be good.

In other news: Tonight is date night! Hip Hip Hooray! I think we'll round off the evening by checking out a few antique shops(for me), then probably dinner(for us) and for sure a movie (for Jeff), because that's how we roll. Any recommendations on movies?

I'll leave you with a few images from last nights meal:

Simon enjoying an ear of corn before his bout of sickness began

poor sicky Schmeboo who practically slept through din

Alright folks, happy Friday to you! And a Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew, Max, who turns 2 today! (and make sure you get your vitamin C)
And that's all.


Debbi's Place said...

That cake looks great !! You are a super Mom as you seems to see the good in every situation. Have a great weekend.Kiss those cute cheeks for us !!!
Aunt Debbi

grammatina said...

poor baby leen...she NEVER just falls asleep. she must have really been sick.

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