Friday, January 09, 2009

A Couple that Hobbies Together...

I have been chatting on and on with Jeff over the last couple of weeks about some wing chairs I found on craigslist I reeeeaaaaally want to buy and re upholster. I figured in one ear out the other type stuff, right? You might think so.
I recieved this in one of our emails back and forth today:

Sent: Fri 1/09 2:43 PM

"I am not that busy with billable stuff, but I need to put together a PowerPoint presentation for Monday's dept meeting. (not this lawyer jargin...but...)
Instead of picking up a new show, why don't we learn how to reupholster a wing back together? We could pick out the fabric and everything and even do it to my grandmother's chair."

Aw, dearest you, I'd love to!

I'm giddy.


Amy said...

And when you learn, you come teach me.

Hoesli's said...

How sweet!! You can come re-do my green couch and chair when you are done. I think they need a new "do"

GrammaTina said...

What a thoughtful hubby! :-) Go Jeff!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy...he must have a nice mother! LOL! Why can't he put his socks in the hamper or pick up gum wrappers if he is so sweet?

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