Tuesday, December 23, 2008

California Love

Betcha didn't know we stole away to Berkeley(well, Kensington to be exact) for an overdue visit with the other little Vaiseys: Steve, Bekah, DeeDee Milo, ZuZu and Oller. We did, and it was nice.

I hardly took any pictures at all. It must have been because I was too busy actin' a fool with Rebekah. We had a ton of fun, mostly just talking and aspiring to be better people. The weather was beautiful, but the hills were brutal. I flew out alone with the wees and Jeff came out for the long weekend. While he was there Bekah and I got to spend like a whole whoppin' 8 hours together without any children whatsoever! Whew. That was nice. Reaaaal nice. He also took Lena to see the Red Woods.

In short, I miss you guys and can't wait for the next trip. Let's set a 5 year plan, shall we? Buy some land, build some houses and some dreams. Ok, done and done.

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