Friday, October 17, 2008

He's So Sweet He Can't be Beat

Simon, Simon Simon, where do I begin? He is the juiciest, cuddliest, sweetest baby I have ever laid eyes on. Something about him is so irresistible. Those thighs, those cheeks, that breath! I especially love the way he smiles every single time I utter a word to him. I mean, I love both my children very much, and Lena had to-die-for baby cheeks at this age that melted me, but she was somewhat more of a difficult baby. Simon is the baby you have that makes you want a dozen him. In short, we really are enjoying basking daily in the Simon rays.
He has been shaking things up around here for a few months now. He has been crawling strong since right after his 7 month mark. I think I know now why the blog took a hiatus. At 8 months, he was already scaling the furniture. He is quite the ambitious fellow. I make at least 16 gasping noises everyday watching him across the room because I keep thinking he is going to come crashing down face first on the wood floor.
He has two bottom teeth with some tops ones trying to burst through his swollen red gums. By the way he eats, you would think he had a full set of chompers. His favorite person of all time is Lena. He adores her to say the least. He beams at her even when she is screaming "No Budders!" (our affectionate name for him, it's like buddy, except with a twist- you can't help these names sometimes, they just come to ya) When she is whining and pitching a fit, he looks on in admiration. You should see him when she actually pays him some attention. He could fall over dead with laughter, and it would have all been worth it. Too bad she's not old enough to babysit. At 9 months old, he is the absolute light of our lives.If you haven't squeezed him close enough to smell his sweet breath yet, I think it's time you did so.


Hoesli's said...

Are you using the in-laws camera again? Those are the cutest pictures of Simon!! He is the sweetest baby...your right to say there is just something about him that makes you just adore him!!

grammatina said...

yes, he is truly adorable and very lovable...sweet personality describes him well.

Lauren Soffe said...

we are holding simon's sock ransom until you bring his chubbiness back here.
p.s. it's the gray and white striped one that you probably assumed got stuck in the washer. nope... we have it.

Anonymous said...

That Budders needs some squeezing...we need to get you your very own have the gift!!!

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