Thursday, June 05, 2008

Memorial Day. Hooray.

For our memorial weekend, Burke, and his wife, Lauren, happened to be in town. They hitched a ride from B.V. with Jordy (on the precious dime of DEWALT might I add), chugged some reddys and stayed up with us most of the night.

We did what every normal couple would do. Tried to see them as much as humanly possible (her dad and entire family were here for the senior PGA), thus leaving our kids at every single chance we got. I felt as if I had been in jail for most of my life and got to taste a sweet bite of heavenly freedom for a couple of days. Sounds desperate?, perhaps. Just because they might have lives, doesn't mean we do. Even Leen went to bed and woke up each morning requesting Lauren. Although Sime didn't say so, I'm pretty sure he felt the same. So, thanks for letting us cut loose fellas and for sharing your time with your family with us. You are amongst our faves to cut loose with after all.

After B+L Soffe left town we headed to the cottage for yet another glorious day of boat rides and one big fat delicious cookout. Simon lounged with me on a blanket in the grass and was as happy as a clam. Plus, Lena caught her first fish. We left just in time for the rain, and stopped off for milkshakes on the way home. All in all, a pretty good day says I.

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