Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lena, Picker of Flowers

Hide your flowers when Lena comes over, that is unless you like them plucked and chucked.

She manically plucks the flower so close to the top of the stem thus rendering it useless even for a vase. Every time.

In our yard.

In our neighbor's yard.

At church.

Anywhere. Everywhere.

So flower growers beware.


Brandi said...

Don't you love that?!? But they are always so proud of themselves, and then they usually give them to you, so how can you be mad at that sweet little happy face??? :D I know I never can.
She is so cute!! ;)

mom said...

Ryan used to pick dandelions for me...:-) Yes, like Brandi said, you can't be mad at them...just try to catch them before they pick them...lol

Hoesli said...

Stone still does that! But he picks weeds for me. Just the tips and puts them in a huge cup of water and they just float upside-down. You have to admit it's sweet. I always feel so bad when I have to trown them away.

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