Thursday, May 15, 2008



The card I forgot to give you while you were in town watching my kids last Friday night, then promised to mail to you first thing on Monday is now MIA. I have searched high and low. I have no doubt that Lena has taken it hostage somewhere in a nook or cranny of this house, and I'm sure it will turn up one of these days, but until that day comes this blog entry will have to take it's place.

I want you to know how blessed I feel to be your daughter, and (if i do say so myself;) I think you did a glorious job raising me:), all of us for that matter because word out on the street is that Shannon and Ryan feel the same. I have nothing but the sweetest memories of you while looking back on my childhood. I know it wasn't always easy, and that I was somewhat of a sassy tween, but I love you more today than ever before, and I am thankful for everything you have done for me in my life. I came across a letter you sent me during my first year at SVU the other day, and it brought tears to my eyes. You were so excited to hear all about my life, my dates, my school work, my activities, and your words were so encouraging. I don't even think I got it then, but I get it now. Now I have my own children, I understand. Completely. So, Happy Mother's Day to you mom. If you ever feel like you're not good at anything, know you were and are good at being my mom. I love you.


well, you know who:)


mom said... to reply to that! :-) Thank you Kelly for these sweet words. It warms my heart to hear this. This is the highest compliment a mom can get and I'm not so sure I'm deserving. My three kids were a joy to raise and even more fun as adults. I love you so much. I think you probably know how much now that you do have kids of your own. Oh, the joys of motherhood! It's definately all worth it! I love you.

Hoesli said...

Word on the street huh? Had to fit something funny in all that mush!!! YOu do realize that you made her cry? Good going sist. Just kidding mom! We know you didn't cry. Sorry my card wasn't as heart felt.

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