Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Have An Addiction

The first step to recovery is breaking out of denial, right? So I'm coming out of the closet. I have a sugar addiction. Its become a problem. I HAVE to have sugar or else my body will shut down.

But I don't crave it all day...just between 2-5 in the afternoon.

But during those hours, every time I walk by our cupboard, I'll grab some chocolate left over from Lena's last candy snatch at granny and gramps', or some Jelly Bellies (aka Crack) or whatever else that looks like it might be a tasty treat. Because I try not to buy sugary foods, it's usually something creative like graham crackers, or...here it comes...Lena's DOG DOG NANA! (refer to a previous post on what the heck dog dog nana is)

But this weekend I finally figured out why I have this problem.

I don't eat a good lunch. I eat healthy breakfasts and dinners, but I don't eat a good lunch. It's my least favorite meal of the day...mostly because I really don't like sandwiches. Well, I don't like making sandwiches, or maybe I just am lazy and don't like making a meal just for myself during the day. Usually I just eat whatever bits of pp&j or nuggets, Lena didn't finish.

Sick, I know.

So then because I didn't eat a big enough lunch, I resort to snacking on whatever will help my blood sugar the fastest - sugar. I crash sooner, but when you're an addict, you're not thinking about the future consequences. It's all about the here and now.

So here is my resolve - EAT A GOOD LUNCH that actually fills me up. And no sugar during the day. (I can't give up my night time gluttony...yet....it's going to be like my nicotine patch.)

So now that I'm out in the open, you guys can check up on me, and if you see me eating a piece of cake in the middle of the afternoon, you can just slap it out of my hand. I give you permission.

Here's to feeling better!


mushka said...

oh my poor Kelly....lol just remember, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels...:-) I'm on the road back to a healthier me! We can help each other! (besides, I'll be there this weekend to smack your hands) hehe

Tamara said...

I can feel your pain -- especially on my butt and thighs! I don't do candy, but I'm worthless when it comes to cake or ice cream, or cake AND ice cream. Wish we were closer to do lunches together like the old days.

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