Saturday, March 29, 2008

E at the V's

With the help from Lou, I went hunting for an Easter get-up for Lena on Saturday. I'm not really a huge fan of all the puffy, often times tacky, polyester commercial dresses, but when I saw this nautical sweetness, I couldn't resist. A quick browse through Baby Gap's sale rack, and Simon quickly became Lena's matching shipmate. After church we attempted a quick photo op. These are roughly the best ones out of the million pics taken. Unfortunately, the settings on the cam were a little messed with, so they came out slightly blurry, but cute none the less, despite the fact that Simon wasn't havin' it.

Behold, family V. Easter festivities...

He might actually be smiling in this one

My favorite

Slim pickin's from the fam shots as well

The Easter bunny brought Leen lots of goodies. What he should have brought her was a tooth brush.

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Robb and Tina 's Place said...

I'm glad she liked the Easter basket we sent. She is adorable! Simon is too young for candy...I know, you would have eaten it! I think there was enough in Lena's for all of you though! lol

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