Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clever Little Sneak

Remember the pouty Leen face post from eariler? Well think of this as sort of a follow-up post.

Recently, (i.e. the birth of little brother, Simon) Lena has been acting up and testing her boundaries more and more. This little tid-bit is a fine example of such behavior. In our kitchen we have a drawer filled with tasty sweets and gum and the sort.
Lena, over some time, has familarized herself with this treat drawer. She has come to know and love it well. She is constantly asking for "mo gum" or "mo na na", and it usually ends in us telling her no for the gazillionth time. So, one particular afternoon she decided to take matters into her own small greedy hands.

This is what our clever little sneak engineered the other day when Jeff caught her in the act...

I've got to give her props for her craftiness...

Unfortunately, we have since done away with treat drawer.

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