Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Sweet Aroma of Fresh Paint just the kind of the scent I want to smell into when walking through the front door of 105 Bonnie Brae, and that I will.

Ah, yes the time has almost come. It is just around the corner! I have spent many precious nap time hours trying to decide on paint colors. So far I have come up with these beauties for the main colors. (I might just leave out the darkest color, but you get the idea) They will be spread throughout the whole house, excluding our bedroom. I have to thank the good people at Restoration Hardware for coming up with the most beautiful colors of paint. Subtle velvet....mmmm I can't wait to see it on the walls! With a name like that it's gotta be a beaut, right?

And, for the bedroom, perhaps a marvelous little splash of color called "shore".

I wanted to pick a blue that had a nice serene touch. I think this would do the trick quite nicely, don't you?

I'm no decorating guru, but I must admit I do thoroughly enjoy this kind of stuff, so thankyouverymuch for indulging me, only if for a moment's time...
(don't forget to come back and see the project picties)


Shannon said...

It will look nice! Can't wait to come see!

Corinne said...

Great colors! Hey, will you email me the names of top cans? I love them!

Brandi said...

So pretty!!! I love the colors, they will look great!! We are so excited for you guys and your new house!! It will be a fun adventure, I am sure! :) Hope things are going well with the soon-to-be-litte-addition to the family, and that you are feeling well. Good luck with the paint!!
Brandi (& Tim, I always have to say that so that he feels included... :D )

THE LEAVITT's said...

Kelly, I love your paint. I am trying to decide if I want to paint right now. We will see.

Also, You've been tagged. (Sorry if you hate these. I won't expect you to do it, although it was kind of fun.)

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