Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October Sunnyshine

It has been a rather warm and pleasantly surprising fall so far. The temperatures have remained high, as today we enjoy yet another 80 degree afternoon. Here's Leen soaking up the last of this summer-like climate as she plays in the "rock box" in Juje's backyard. (for those of you who know Julie, you may also know of her hatred of sand:) Who can blame her? Lena doesn't seem to mind the slightest bit.
We hope to get out and about to partake in some fun and festive fall activities. Bring on the apple cider and pumpkins.


Suzy said...

Lena gets cuter by the second. We have been lucky with this weather.
Congrats on the house again.
Thanks for posting more pics we will hopefully see you in person some time now that you are here in NY to stay.

Shannon said...

I wanna come visit.....I miss that little Leen! She's soooo cute!

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