Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 365

We had family drive in from New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina to help us celebrate Lena's monumental first year of life, that, and Jeff and I surviving our first, grueling yet endlessly rewarding, year of parenthood. It was loud, messy and crowded and we loved every single moment of it all! We are such lucky ducks... (oh, this is my first ever flower/bee cake. What could have been a potential disaster, luckily, was not)
a colossal sugar high quickly followed that sent Lena soaring into an afternoon of family, friends, food, and lots and lots...and lots of presents. You're only one once, right? What a wonderful day it was, as we bid farewell to Leen's infancy and embrace our new life as parents of an active toddler. (I have a strange suspision she'll give us a run for our money)

1 comment:

Beach Hendersons said...

Kelly, great job on the birthday stuff. The cake looked awesome. Welcome to toddler-ville.

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