Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our Back Porch

Lena loves to have bubbles blown at her. She thinks they are very funny. For those of you who have seen the video clip of her laughing so hard she falls over while my mom was blowing bubbles for her and my nephew, Stone, you know just what I mean. (If I can figure out how to post video, I will share it with you) Here we are enjoying the new warm weather with some bubbles on our back porch.

Lena is really starting to let us know what she is feeling and what she needs. Her newest form of communication is pointing to the things she wants or the things she wishes to be taken to, to have a better look at them. Jeff especially enjoys playing this game with her. The very millisecond he picks her up at any given time, her finger is pointing at something new.

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Jeff and Kelly,
Lena is so adorable and she has those Vaisey cheeks. I love them. Thanks for sharing. Gramps keeps me up with other pictures too.
Aunt Debbi

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